Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between stylist levels?

At LashBar™, all stylists are licensed through the state board of barbering & cosmetology and must go through rigorous training prior to being on the floor to service customers. The main difference between the level of stylist is timing. A master would apply a full set and fills in a quicker time while a junior would take a little bit longer. All levels upkeep with Lashbar™ quality. Only seniors and masters offers volume and mega-volumes.

What are the typical times for each level?

This is a sample time schedule of what a stylist at each level averages. Times may vary per location. Please come 5 to 10 minutes early to check in. Junior: Classic Full Set - 120 mins Hybrid Full Set - 120 mins Senior: Classic Full Set - 100 mins Hybrid Full Set - 100 mins Volume Full Set - 120 mins Mega Volume Full Set - 140 mins Master: Classic Full Set - 80 mins Hybrid Full Set - 80 mins Volume Full Set - 100 mins Mega Volume Full Set - 120 mins

Is there a price difference between levels?

There is a price difference between levels. Because juniors takes a bit longer, we compensate with a lower price. There is no price difference in quality as all lash artist at LashBar™ are all well trained at LashBar™ quality. Prices will show at the level service booking.